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Beijing Kolley adhesive Co.Ltd, located in Ersi Industry park Zhangjiawan Tongzhou district Beijing, was established in 2006. Kolley takes up a total land space of 10000 square meters and over 8000 square meters office and plant area. Among 100 staff group, 20 technical engineers are dedicated in researching and products development. Since 2006, Kolley has experienced significant growth. Annual turnover has exceeded 50 million Yuan. 

By implementing modern enterprise managing system, Kolley has developed an advance scientific management process.  Well-equipped plant and fine lab test facilities enable Kolley to serve customers with high quality products.  Excellent technical service capability is well-recognized in the market.  Kolley seeks to be customer-driven and insists on focusing customers’ various needs by providing high quality products and service.  

Main products: 1, Edge bonding hot melt; 2, Profile wrapping hot melt;3, Heat resistance hot melt; 4, Latex; 5, Packaging adhesives;6, Book binding hot melt.  As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, Kolley has gained a sales network reaching over 30 provinces in China and exported products to Mid-east and Europe.  We are looking forward to working with our customers and partners to continuously provide adhesive solutions!  

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Address: Ersi Industry park Zhangjiawan Tongzhou district Beijing

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